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People We've Touched

"Our Home is your Home."
   - Connie R., Resident Council President

""I've liked it since I came through the front door. I enjoy the food. We have good activities."
   - Walter W., Resident

"It is very good here and therapy is very motivating. The staff is great and they are very organized. It has been great being here."
   - Esther D., short-term rehab resident

"It's like a family here, we love our staff and enjoy being with them"
   - Elsbeth J., short-term rehab patient

"Therapy is worth it. I work hard."
   - Joan M., short-term rehab patient

"I feel it's a great place. I love it. Everything is taken care of."
   - Carolyn S., resident

"They treat patients with TLC, kindness and respect."
   - Beth L., granddaughter of resident